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I am a Teacher

I am a Teacher

Elevating Athletics

If you are a Primary or Secondary school teacher, British Athletics Elevating Athletics is a creative and practical resource pack designed to help you bring the sport to life and to make it accessible to your pupils. The acclaimed focused workshops, can really help you plan and deliver sessions for youngsters of all abilities, enabling them to develop the skills required to run, jump and throw!

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British Athletics Awards can be used by schools and clubs to recognise and reward young athlete’s personal development in athletics. The Awards cater for children of all abilities from primary school upwards and help develop individual athletics skills by setting realistic targets across Sportshall, Track & Field and Endurance challenges.

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British Athletics Sportshall are competitions across both the school and club setting providing a comprehensive series of opportunities for young athletes to take their first steps into competitive athletics. The Primary and Secondary programmes support regular competition in schools over the winter months culminating in a series of county and regional finals and a National Final.

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Parallel Success

British Athletics Parallel Success is designed for disability athletes to progress from athletic participation all the way to Paralympic success! If you teach, or are a parent of, a disabled young person seeking to start athletics then Parallel Success is for you.

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School Championships

If you are working with a talented individual, then they may be fortunate to be selected to compete in the British Athletics School Championships, which cover both Track and Field and Cross Country. Organised by each Home Nation’s Schools Athletics Association, many current GB & NI team athletes have competed at the Schools Championships..

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