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Endurance Award

UKA Academy Endurance Awards (Years 3-9)

About UKA Academy Endurance Awards

The new  UKA Academy Endurance Awards were launched in 2011 and cater for children between the ages of 7 and 14. The Awards are designed to encourage skill development and fitness improvement and include both individual and team challenges.

Individual Awards (Years 3-8) - One, Two and Three Minute Tests

The Individual section of the UKA Acadremy Endurance Awards are a series of time trials designed to be inclusive for all children with targets set to be attainable by everyone. Research has shown that when testing inexperienced children on a standard 400m track a considerable number start off too fast and fade quickly. Many give up trying out of embarrassment when on the far side of the track so the test becomes invalid. For many children, a 400m track presents a long, monotonous and arduous task. The Awards overcome this by dividing the task into bite-sized chunks by using the 50m Linear Track or the 50m Sports Hall Oval Track. Distance recording can be done easily by teachers, the participant's peer group or older students and Sports Leaders.

Test periods:

Years 3 and 4     (ages 7 to 9)     One Minute

Years 5 and 6     (ages 9 to 11)    Two Minutes

Years 7 and 8     (ages 11 to 13)     Three Minutes

Full details of the Award distances for each age are given on the appropriate 'Ladder of Success' shown of the Primary Endurance Awards Poster and the Secondary Endurance Awards Poster.

Individual Awards - Marathon

Whilst a single test can be used to measure a young person's running ability in an endurance event, it is important to encourage and give recognition for maintaining a sustained programme of activity over a period of time. This is vital for maintaining fitness and Award targets have been set which call for participants to maintain a regular programme of training over a period during a school term. As a normal school term lasts for 12 to 13 weeks, a margin has been alllowed in case a programme is interrupted by bad weather in winter ot for some other reason. The activity can be undertaken on a measured course and can also include other activities at the teacher's discretion, such as walking or running to and from school or hikes and runs out of school time.

Distances to be covered in a term:

Years 5 and 6     (ages 9 to 11)     42.195km (single Marathon)

Years 7 and 8     (ages 11 to 13)     84.39km (double Marathon)

Team Awards (Years 5-9)

The UKA Academy Endurance Team Awards are based on the established endurance training practice of using repetitions in the form of continous relays. Different distances and team sizes are set for each age group, full details of which can be found on the Primary and Secondary Endurance Awards Posters.

Supporting Resources and Further Information

For current Primary Endurance resources please visit http://www.sportshall.org/primary/primary-endurance

For current Secondary Endurance resources please visit http://www.sportshall.org/secondary/secondary-endurance/secondary-endurance-awards

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