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Classification Groups

Classification is an integral part of disability athletics to ensure fair competition.

Within athletics these are the classification groups. Each group is subdivided into classes depending on the level of impairment. There are strict criteria attached to each class, use the following basic guidelines for eligibility and if you have any questions, please contact UKA's Parallel Success Coordinator for more guidance.

The following groups are currently included in the Paralympic Pathway:

T – Track

F – Field

T/F 11-13 Athletes with a Visual Impairment
T/F 31-38 Athletes with Cerebral Palsy
T/F 40-46 Amputee & Les Autres (including Dwarf Athletes)
T 51-54 Wheelchair Racers
F 51-58 Seated Field Athletes

The classification process identifies the athletes’ functional ability in relation to the event group in which they are competing. The athlete undergoes a series of mobility tests and is seen in competition by IPC (International Paralympic Committee) qualified classifiers.

Athletes with a Physical Impairment - Intenational Paralympic Committee (IPC) Classification

UKA works with a small team of experienced and dedicated IPC Classifiers to offer National Classification for athletes with physical impairments. For new athletes who aspire to compete at the Paralympic Games, one of the most important steps is to ascertain their eligiblity.

The classification process identifies the athletes' functional ability in relation to the event group in which they are competing. The athlete undergoes a series of mobility tests and is seen in the competition by IPC (International Paralympic Committee) qualified classifiers.

There will be a series of national classification clinics being held around the UK at various points in the year, to request an appointment please contact Katie at parallel-success@uka.org.uk

Athletes with a Visual Impairment

Athletes with a visual impairment are not subject to the functional classification process in the same way as athletes with physical impairments.. Classification for athletes with a visual impairment involves an eye test that must be carried out by an Ophthalmologist / Optometrist. The athlete will receive an official classification and must bring this information to competitions.

Only athletes who receive a classification of B1-B3 through this system will be eligible for IPC Competition. The form that must be completed by an Ophthalmologist / Optometrist can be found at: www.britishblindsport.org.uk/sightform.doc

Athletes with a Learning Disability

Athletes with learning disability in the UK are classified by either UKSA or INAS-FI. Classification is required before athletes can compete in international events and some competitions in the UK. All athletes who meet the eligibility criteria and are classified will be given either a UKSA or INAS-FID classfication number.

For athletes with a learning disability there are two stages. Firstly an athlete is identified as an athlete with learning disability. Secondly an athlete must meet the sport specific criteria, which is currently still under development and will be implemented by the International Bodies responsible for the relevant Paralympic sport.


This process is purely to enable fair competition and if an athlete is not eligible for the Paralympic Pathway there are other options to ensure the athlete can continue to enjoy the sport. For links to National Disability Sport Organisations (NDSOs) and alternative pathways please visit the UKA website where you can find a full list of contact details for NDSOs.

If you know of anybody who has an interest in athletics and falls within one of these categories or would further information, please make them aware of this initiative and pass on the contact details below:

Katie Jones (Senior Coordinator Paralympic Talent)  - parallel-success@uka.org.uk

UKA (National) / IPC (International) Classification List

Please click the link below for a list of all classified athletes (list correct as at July 7th 2011)

UKA/IPC Classification List

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