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Parallel Success in England

England Athletics have made a firm commitment to support and develop athletics opportunities for people with disabilities.

England Athletics Mission

Working in partnership with the wider athletics family to create a vibrant, safe and progressive sport - embracing athletes of all abilities and from all communities - to grow the next generation of athletics champions.

England Athletics Strategic Priorities

Their Vision

To develop an informed, educated and inclusive athletics community and create a clear pathway to ensure that people with a disability are support to participate, progress and perform in athletics at their chosen level.

National Disability Club and Coach Support Officer

Helen Pearce
Tel: 07968 498705
Email: hpearce@englandathletics.org

Disability Athletics Support Officers (DASOS)

Shelley Quarin
Tel: 07912 070625
Email: squarin@englandathletics.org

Midlands & SW
Job King
Tel: 07841 504311
Email: jking@englandathletics.org

Liz Purbrick
Tel: 07850 514936
Email: lpurbrick@englandathletics.org

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